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Translation: Korea Popular Culture and Art Awards: BTS are the Youngest to Receive Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit. “We’ll Spread Korean Culture Around the World."

On the afternoon of October 24th at Seoul’s Olympic Park, BTS (Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook) received the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit during the 2018 “Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards” ceremony. They are the youngest recipients on record.

On this day, Leader RM stated, “Thank you so much. As the leader, I communicate our thoughts and feelings, but today I want to let my friends talk a lot. I want to give this honor to all ARMY.”

Jin said, “First, thank you so much for this award. We go abroad often, and many people sing along in Korean and said proudly that they study Hangeul. I was proud. I’ll continue to put in efforts in the future to let others know about our culture.”

Taehyung expressed, “I don’t really know right now. I don’t know how I should express what’s in my heart. I think my family is really proud of me. ARMY, I can’t express it well, but I’m really thankful for you and I love you. I wish only good days for all of the people here.”

Yoongi, who called it a “family honor,” said, “There were many events this year. The #1 on Billboard, Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, the UN speech. I think this award is a huge honor. We will let the whole world know about Korea with the heart of a national representative.”

Jimin said, “Coming out here makes my heart feel like it’ll explode. This award is big because it was made with the members, the staff, the company, and you all. So I want to tell you that everyone has a share in this award. Also, since we’re the youngest here, it’s an honor to be able to meet all of the seniors (in the industry) here.”

The youngest, Jungkook, stated, “Truthfully, I think this award is still too much for us. However, I will accept it thankfully with the meaning that it’s an award telling us to put more effort in going forward. Thank you to all of the ARMYs, family members, and Bang PD who always cheer for us and believe in us. We’ll continue to contribute to spreading Korean culture throughout the world.”

Hoseok said, “I’m really happy that we’re becoming a hope for popular culture. The Order of Cultural Merit is a really big award. It’s an award filled with the weight of our staff’s hard work, BTS’s blood and sweat, and the cheers of ARMYs from all over the world. Going forward, we’ll coolly do our activities to be a hope for popular culture.” “ARMY I love you!” he cried out.

By entering the Billboard chart, giving a speech at the UN Assembly, having a World Tour, and participating in the AMAs, BTS has grown into the representative group of K-Pop culture with these many great achievements.